Who We Are

CPAGO builds on years of Web experience to put into instant operation a capacity to launch, maintain and fine-tune a campaign of any size. CPAGO is Mike Hamilton, former marketing and advertising exec of a Fortune 20 retail giant, Katrina Paglierani, an experienced Web advertising rep and promoter, and Steve Rose whose credentials as both a writer and marketer are well known online and off. Our staff is constantly growing and looking for talented people.

What We Do

We build campaigns cooperatively with individuals, companies, services and marketing organizations, including groups within Network Marketing companies who wish to form cooperatives to move their advertising beyond conventional bounds. We build bridges to the whole world of potential customers.

We Are Reachable:

Mike Hamilton - Tap Here

Katrina - Tap Here

Steve can be reached at his online office which is open 9-9 daily in all US time zones. Using IE just click on http://estoca.notlong.com

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